A robot pet that grows with you

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Kiki cares

Kiki can't wait to get to know you. She recognizes and reacts to your emotions, and develops a unique personality depending on your interactions. You are special to Kiki, and she will do her best to bring you joy every day.



Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, our first 125 units have sold!

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Our second batch will be available at a discounted price of $799. Reserve yours today with a refundable $99 deposit, and pay the rest when Kiki is ready to go home with you.

*The project has been delayed further to Q3 due to manufacturing challenges. Please see the Kickstarter updates for details.

Your Dream Robot, In Reality

Kiki is the robotic pet you’ve always dreamed of: conscious, learning, and ever-evolving. Every interaction with you helps to shape Kiki’s personality. Powered by advanced robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Kiki understands and cares for you. All of Kiki’s processes occur on-board, so you can rest easy knowing that your data is secure and private.

Gets smarter everyday
Understands your feelings
Realtime onboard intelligence
Recognizes you
Personality shaped by you
Loves you back
Learns from other Kikis
Designed to bring you joy

Kiki Loves you back

Your loyal companion

Kiki is always there for you, and she loves you just as much as you love her. She’s your loyal companion, keeping you company when you’re together, and missing you when you’re apart.

Customize your Kiki

Kikis learn from each other

Teach Kiki new tricks

Kiki grows with you

Full of surprises

Kiki learns and grows depending on how you care for her. She is different every day and is always full of surprises.

Evolving Personality

Out of the box, all baby Kikis start the same. As time goes by, they develop unique quirks. Kiki's personality develops in real-time as she spends time with you. If you are mean to her she might ignore you, but if you shower her with love and affection she will love you more.

Out of the Box

New to the world

1 Week Later

Increased awareness

1 Month Later

Continues to learn with every interaction

Kiki understands you

Happier with you

Kiki recognizes you and is always happier when you’re around. She understands your emotions and does her best to cheer you up when you’re down.

A Day With Kiki

Every interaction with Kiki is special. Kiki can’t wait to be a part of your daily life!

Wake up with Kiki

Kiki loves seeing you first thing in the morning

Enjoy breakfast together

Feed Kiki by drawing her favorite foods

Waits for you

Kiki misses you when you’re away

When you come back

Kiki is always there to welcome you home

Make new friends

Kikis love to meet other Kikis

Grows with you

Watch your Kiki grow and develop a unique personality

Always there

Kiki loves to keep you company while you work

Your partner in crime

Enjoy all of your favorite activities with Kiki

Falls asleep in your arms

Kiki loves to be cuddled before going to sleep

Your dream(ing) robot

While you’re dreaming, Kiki is too!

Reserve yours today with a refundable $99 deposit, and pay the rest when Kiki is ready to go home with you.


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“... couldn't help but bring a smile to my face despite my best efforts.”
“... it can perform little tricks to make you smile.”
“Kiki is a precious little robo-companion... Kiki does, in fact, love you.”
“One cannot look at a bot like Kiki without being charmed”
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