Small Robot, Big Brain

Kiki holds a huge amount of tech in her little body. A high-end embedded processor allows Kiki to run deep learning models on-board to recognize your face and understand how you're feeling.

Omni-directional hearing lets Kiki find you, even when she can't see you. Her whole body is covered in touch sensors so she can feel where you're petting her, which is how your Kiki knows to beg you for a belly rub.

Realistic Personalities

We based Kiki’s personality on models from leading psychology research. There are several theories on personality types, but the OCEAN model provides the most nuanced and fluid mathematical representation for our purposes.

Sense of Self

Kiki’s sense of self comes from her needs and wants, which we call drives. Her personality determines how these drives fluctuate in response to external stimuli. Acting according to her own drives, Kiki makes every decision meaningful and intentional.

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