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About us

We’re a team of creative engineers, designers, and researchers from Google, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and Berkeley who grew up dreaming of having their own robot sidekicks. They would have to be cute, smart, have a mind of their own, and totally understand us.

We created Kiki for those who can't manage an animal pet, but want to care for and raise something just as delightful. We created Kiki for those who want embrace the future with a new kind of robot. We created Kiki for those who just want some little guy to get excited when they come home. We believe Kiki is the robot that doesn't exist yet but should. A robot that understands how you feel and cheers you on. A robot that encourages empathy. A robot that actually grows up with you. Kiki does not tell you the weather or the stock price, but Kiki has a growing personality that is adapting to her owners day by day. She is a robot that introduces emotional intelligence to technology.

founder & CEO

As a child, Mita Yun dreamed of having a robot sidekick, and her passion for robotics has continued throughout her education and career. While studying robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, Mita interned twice for Apple in Cupertino. After graduating, Mita moved on to join Google, where she worked for 5 years. In 2017, Mita founded Zoetic AI, to make her childhood dream into a reality.

The Zoetic AI team

Our team is a creative group of engineers, industrial designers, and sound designers from Google, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and Berkeley. The team is based in Santa Clara, California, and is passionate about creating the ultimate AI robot sidekick.

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